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Trace Current/Temperature Calculator


UltraCAD's newest trace current calculator will solve for virtually any trace width and thickness. You are no longer constrained to a fixed set of values for either parameter. Enter any three of the four parameters, trace thickness, trace width, current, and temperature change, and solve for the fourth.
Internal trace temperatures are a function not only of the external trace temperature (of a trace with the same parameters and current), but also of the depth of the trace into the board. This calculator will estimate the internal trace temperature of any trace as a function of its depth.  
The calculator is based on the information in our new publication "PCB Trace Current/Temperature Curves, 1/4 Oz. to 5 Oz., The Complete Set."  
Current license cost is $75.00 USD.  To purchase a license for this calculator, go here.

Download the calculator files here.
      (The zip file contains two files needed for operation.)

SPECIAL NOTE: Purchase a license for this calculator and receive a FREE PDF** copy of "PCB Trace Current/Temperature Curves."  

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