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Differential Signal Articles
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Differential Impedance: What's the Difference   
  This article explains the seemingly complicated topic of differential impedance and removes the "mystery" around it. Its relationship to common mode impedance is also explained. Formulas are provided for estimating differential impedance. The article appeared in the August, 1998 issue.
Differential Signals, The Differential Difference.  
  There is much misunderstanding about how and why differential signals are routed the way they are. This article, reprinted from the May, 2001 issue of the magazine, explains the reasons behind the routing guidelines commonly suggested in the industry.
Crosstalk, EMI, and Differential Z  
  We followed this last article up with two others related to differential signals. The first one, appearing in the June, 2001, issue, Crosstalk, EMI, and Differential Z, points out the the fundamental nature  of crosstalk, EMI, differential signal coupling and television transmission are all the same and caused by the same phenomenon.
Differential Signals: Rules to Live By  
  The second article, a feature article in the November, 2001, issue, Differential Signals: Rules to Live By, explores the reasons behind the various design rules that exist related to differential signals.

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