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What is UltraCAD? UltraCAD Design, Inc is a printed circuit board design service bureau located in the great Pacific Northwest. We specialize in large, complex, fast turn designs common in the video processing and data processing industries. Our customers come from all over the United States --- California to New Hampshire --- with over 95% of our business from repeat, satisfied customers. See special note below about our new relationship with Monsoon Solutions, Inc.

        * NEWS *

Latest Book
2nd. Edition


Newly released! 2nd Edition.

Finally! For the first time, here is a complete, thorough analysis of the relationships between PCB trace (and via) currents and trace temperatures. All in one place! The book covers all the research Brooks and Dr. Johannes Adam (Leimen, Germany) performed over a two-year period.

Doug published this 2nd Edition in 2017, To learn more about it, go here.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Purchase a new license for UltraCAD's PCB4 calculator and receive a FREE PDF** copy of this new edition. Go here for more information

To see all of Doug's books, go here:

New LiveLesson Videos   Douglas Brooks and Prentice Hall have combined to make available Doug's signal integrity seminars to all designers and engineers in the comfort of their homes and/or offices. These videos, encompassing nine lesson titles and over 7 hours of videos, cover all of the topics Doug's seminars have become famous for. Go here to learn more about these lessons. 
New Book Our Doug Brooks' new book came out in 2013. It is titled "PCB Currents; How They Flow, How They React." Go here to learn more about it.

Trace Calculator
v. 4.2


UltraCAD's popular UCADPCB Trace Calculator has been updated to Version 4.2 to incorporate the new findings by Brooks and Dr. Adam. The "fit" to the ICP 2152 curves is now very tight, and the fusing section takes advantage of the fusing thermal simulation results Brooks and Adam obtained. The calculator still has the benefits of incorporating the skin effect, and allows calculations for resistance below zero degrees C. (4.2 upgrade effective mid July, 2015)

This is a free upgrade for holders of previous 3.x (or Universal) licenses. Learn more about it here.



Impedance Calculator Upgrade

UltraCAD's popular UCCALC trace impedance calculator has been upgraded to version 3.5. This is a free upgrade for holders of previous licenses. The upgrade expands the input options for the variables so that it can now be used for significantly smaller traces than before. Learn more about it here.

Engineering Tools UltraCAD has just introduced a new series of engineering tools aimed at helping the student or engineer with specific types of problems. The first two tools are (a) a Fourier simulation tool that illustrates and manipulates Fourier series for various waveforms commonly found in electronics, and (b) an impedance tool that calculates and works with series and parallel impedance combinations, time constants, and resonant frequencies. Update: The Impedance Tool had a bug (now corrected) that prevented it from running under Win7 64 bit OS. The Fourier Tool download package now includes a Microsoft Graphics patch that most users required for proper operation.
Universal License  UltraCAD is now offering a "Universal License" that allows access to ALL UltraCAD's PC-based calculators and tools, for one convenient purchase and at a considerable saving. Check it out on our Calculator page (here).
Presentations Copies of Brooks' presentations at PCB West on Sept 13, 2017 can be downloaded here:
       * FEATURES *
Articles &

Our president, Doug Brooks, has written several articles and a series of columns for Printed Circuit Design magazine. He has also begun a series of web-based articles for Mentor Graphics.  For a list of the all Brooks' papers and articles, click here.
Books Doug Brooks' 2003 book (published by Prentice Hall) is available through bookstores. Click here to learn more about it, for ordering information, and to find a Table of Contents. Don't miss this great resource. (ISBN 0-13-141884-X)

Click here to go to the book's Resource Page

Doug's book Has been translated into Chinese and is now available in Asia.

& Tools
UltraCAD Has developed several freeware calculators (and now four for-license calculators) for PCB designers. Calculator topics include transmission line impedance, crosstalk, relationships between trace current and temperature, and relating trace geometries (width and thickness) to equivalent wire gauge. A fifth calculator helps analyze the combined effects of bypass capacitor capacitance, inductance (and therefore self-resonant frequency) and ESR. A newer calculator does differential impedance and replaces our original calculator, introduced many years ago, that has gained acceptance around the world. Our latest calculator adds the Skin Effect to complex PCB calculations. Check our our calculator page here.
Simulations Check out our simulations that we are now making available to the public
Humor Sometimes our imagination runs away from us (or maybe there are periods when we simply don't have enough to do.) UltraCAD has contributed several humorous articles to Printed Circuit Design's "Back Page" through the years, including the classic "Flying Electrons." Others included such things as smart electrons and why service bureaus should be paid by the government for NOT designing boards. Read all about them here.
Personnel Look here for résumé's of UltraCAD's personnel.
Guestbook Please sign our guestbook.
       * Philosophies *
Partnering Our statement on partnering has gathered a long list people who have endorsed it and embodied as their own philosophy, also. Check it out here.
Price We have some opinions about the difference between lowest bid and lowest COST. They are reprinted here.
* Announcement *
UltraCAD and Monsoon Solutions, Inc. UltraCAD has reached an agreement with Monsoon Solutions, Inc. (also of Bellevue, WA) whereby Monsoon will do all board design work for UltraCAD. Dave Graves has moved his offices over to Monsoon. Dave and Monsoon can be reached here. Doug Brooks will continue to be responsible for the rest of UltraCAD's business activities.